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MTM RS6 730 HP

In October 2009, in Nardo, an Audi RS6 Avant processed by MTM was faster than all sports cars.

 The RS6 R Avant of an MTM customer drove a sensationel topspeed of 344,2 km/h at the annual auto motor sport highspeed event in Nardo.

The RS6 R was the fastest of all tested sports cars.

The MTM RS6 R was voted best vehicle with 20.4 percent in the category "Tuningcars sedan" in the readers choice contest sponsered by the German automotive magazine sport auto.

Engine 5.0l Bi-turbo quattro
Power output (max.) 735 BHP (537 kW) at 6360 rpm
Torque (max.) 785 Nm limited
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4,1 s (!)
Acceleration 0-200 km/h 12,6 s (!!)
Top speed depends on tires

With regards to our project of bringing European models to Canada, we have to admit that we did not succeed.

 We did not manage to work our way through the regulatory commissions to ensure that the cars indeed meet all North American regulations.

We had a strategy that we thought was appealing in importing pre-owned vehicles to a very competitive price but we could not finalize the legalization of these vehicles here without the appropriate collaborators.

We are very disapointed and humbly apologize for false hopes that the leak to the internet might have caused. 

 As a key player in Canada’s tuning and performance industry, we maintain our strong commitment to bringing you sophisticated, high-performance German engineering and personalized services to help you create the most memorable driving experience time and time again.

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